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Cranford teenagers arrested for vandalizing pool, charged with trespassing and criminal mischief

Five juveniles and one 18 year old were arrested for “heavy vandalism” at the Orange Avenue Pool in Cranford. The vandalism, which included various pieces of furniture and other items thrown into the pool, resulted in a temporary closing and … Continue reading

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What are acts of criminal mischief?

The offense known as criminal mischief can range from any number of acts that result in property damage. For instance, overturning potted plants and trees on someone else’s property can constitute an act of criminal mischief or breaking into a … Continue reading

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Vandalism in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are several different laws governing property crimes. Vandalism is a broad term, and specific property crimes have other names, such as criminal mischief, defacing private property, and graffiti. Recently, New Jersey police charged four men with … Continue reading

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