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Suspect On the Run After Lewdness Offense at Sandy Hook Beach reports that search dogs and helicopters were deployed in pursuit of a suspect who exposed himself on the beach at Sandy Hook. The man was allegedly masturbating over a woman who was lying on the beach. When she looked … Continue reading

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Lewd Conduct in Union County: Private Moments in Public Places

New Jersey laws governing lewd conduct make it easy for a couple engaging in a sexual encounter while under the impression that they are alone to be charged with a sex offense in Union County.  The law states that a … Continue reading

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Proposal to crack down on lewd conduct offenders in New Jersey

New Jersey Assemblyman David Rible recently proposed a bill that if enacted would increase penalties for individuals who commit acts of lewdness or indecent exposure. The Assemblyman indicated that he was very upset at the frequency with which acts of … Continue reading

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Plainsboro man charged with lewd conduct

Generally speaking, a person is guilty of lewd conduct (also called indecent exposure) when they show someone their private areas for sexual gratification in a way that will upset the person watching. An example of lewd conduct recently took place … Continue reading

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