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New Jersey death by auto lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer with over 35 years of experience, I’ve handled numerous death by auto cases and defended the charge on a regular basis. Cases involving death by auto charges require a great deal of sensitive negotiation for … Continue reading

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Child molesters & Miranda warnings

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently held that police were not required to repeat Miranda rights to a child molester during the custodial interrogation which resulted in his arrest. In the case, the man went to the police station under … Continue reading

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A juvenile’s right to remain silent

In New Jersey, juveniles have the same right to remain silent that adults have. Thus, when they are arrested or taken into police custody and subjected to interrogation, the admissions they make to the police are admissible in court unless … Continue reading

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What is interrogation?

With all the crime shows on TV it is almost common knowledge that when you ask the police for an attorney and you are questioned before your attorney arrives, those statements are inadmissible in court. But are they always inadmissible … Continue reading

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