New Jersey Deportation Attorney

Various criminal and municipal court offenses can cause immigration difficulties for illegal aliens and green card holders. Many times people are unaware that the criminal or municipal court charges they face could lead to possible deportation.

If a person is convicted of crimes that are designated as aggravated felonies, the conviction will lead to deportation from the United States for a period of 20 years. Additionally, certain municipal court offenses can lead to deportation. Multiple convictions for possession of small amounts of marijuana or other drugs can lead to deportation. Conviction for crimes and even municipal court offenses involving moral turpitude can also lead to deportation. Therefore, it is important to know which of these offenses might lead to deportation before you enter a guilty plea. Only an experienced attorney who has handled these matters before is best able to advise you what course of action to take.

I am Anthony N. Palumbo, Esq., and I have handled hundreds of these matters in both the criminal and municipal courts. It may very well be that because a conviction could lead to the loss of your green card status and deportation that you cannot plead guilty to an offense but must have a trial. However, there are many cases where I can obtain a plea to a lesser charge that will not involve the consequences of deportation. It is a difficult and technical area where you must be guided by someone who has vast experience in the area.

Contact me for immigration difficulties in Union County, Middlesex County,  and throughout New Jersey. I handle various deportation matters, including:

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