White Collar Crimes

If you’ve been accused of fraud, embezzlement or another white collar crime by your employer or anyone else, you could be facing potentially serious consequences, including jail time, fines, loss of employment, and a ruined reputation. You need a lawyer who will take every opportunity to defend you from these accusations.

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Examining the Details of Your Case

The term “white collar crime” is generally used to describe crimes that involve theft or misuse of property in the workplace, or other violations of professional trust.

Common white collar crimes include forgery, credit card fraud, insurance and health care fraudidentity theft, computer crimes, and official misconduct. There is often a fine line between legal activity and illegal activity, especially when employees are given some leeway in handling money.

Conviction for any crime can have a serious impact on your future employment prospects, but this is especially true of white collar crimes. A fraud or embezzlement conviction on your criminal record will give many employers a strong reason not to hire you.


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