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Retroactive application of Sex Offender Monitoring Act is unconstitutional, court holds

A state appellate court recently held that retroactive application of the New Jersey Sex Offender Monitoring Act of 2007 violates the ex post facto clauses of the federal and state constitutions. As a result, the Act’s GPS monitoring and supervision … Continue reading

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New Jersey legislation limiting sex offender residences

Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that municipalities may not prevent sex offenders from living near places where children are likely to gather, such as schools, parks, and playgrounds. However, the fight to restrict the locations of sex offenders’ … Continue reading

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Expanding Megan’s Law in New Jersey: Right or Wrong?

Over 100 New Jersey towns are calling for an expansion of Megan’s Law that would confine sex offenders to specific areas of each municipality. There are mixed feelings about this proposal. Some people feel that by keeping sex offenders away … Continue reading

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Cracking down on internet predators

The ability to commit internet sex offenses has increased dramatically in recent years with the anonymity provided by the internet and the constant advancements in technology that open new doors for internet predators. Lawmakers in New Jersey are responding by … Continue reading

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