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New Jersey Supreme Court: warrant requirement applies to cell phone tracking

Under a landmark decision issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court in July, police must now obtain a warrant to track criminal suspects using cell phone location data. The decision struck down the Appellate Division’s ruling, which was issued two … Continue reading

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Search of Newark apartment building was lawful, court holds, despite omission in search warrant

A recent appellate court decision from Essex County found that a warrant to search an entire three-story building was valid despite the fact that the structure contained more than one apartment. Although search warrants for multiple-unit buildings usually have to … Continue reading

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Union County teenager pleads guilty to faking her own abduction

A Union County teenager admitted in September to faking her own kidnapping and using social media to make investigators believe that she was actually abducted. She pleaded guilty to third degree charges for creating a false public alarm and fourth … Continue reading

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New Jersey Supreme Court remands case for new hearing on eyewitness identifications

After a landmark decision in 2011 regarding eyewitness identification procedures, the New Jersey Supreme Court revisited the topic in a case decided this summer. State v. Micelli (Aug. 19, 2013). The court used this opportunity to discuss judicial procedures and … Continue reading

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Evidence Obtained Through Illegal Search Held Inadmissible by New Jersey Supreme Court

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in December that police violated a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights by subjecting him to an investigatory detention based solely on the fact that he was the same race as the man the police were … Continue reading

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Disorderly conduct charges ruled baseless in Union County case

A state appellate court overturned the convictions of three out of four defendants who were arrested at a vigil in Union County and charged with various disorderly conduct offenses. State v. Theodore, No. A-2909-10T3 (N.J. App. Div. Jun. 20, 2013). … Continue reading

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Middlesex County man arrested for boating while intoxicated

The Coast Guard arrested a Middlesex County man for operating his 26-foot boat while intoxicated, SILive.com reports. He was charged with violations of federal navigation law and taken to a New York City police station, where his blood alcohol level … Continue reading

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Lewd Conduct in Union County: Private Moments in Public Places

New Jersey laws governing lewd conduct make it easy for a couple engaging in a sexual encounter while under the impression that they are alone to be charged with a sex offense in Union County.  The law states that a … Continue reading

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A Highland Park Man was Charged with Sexually Assaulting Two Girls in Middlesex County

A Highland Park man previously charged with improperly touching a student at his martial arts school now faces charges of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls. The man, who was also a New Brunswick teacher, surrendered to Highland Park police was … Continue reading

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Three men arrested in Union County convenience store robbery

As reported by Springfield Patch, a Springfield police officer recently arrested three men for armed robbery after witnessing two of them rob a convenience store clerk at gunpoint while the third waited in a getaway car. The police officer recovered … Continue reading

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